Early Access Update (v0.18.0)


  • UI polishing: New icons, SFX.
  • The backgrounds for the Apartment and House have been updated.
  • [Community suggestion] You will now receive fan mail after publishing your work. Replying to fan mail awards bonuses. You can hire a publicist to auto-reply to your fan mail.
  • Genre expertise reduces inspiration drop.
  • While writing, the on-topic area is reduced if you have no inspiration.
  • You will now have to read certain skill books to unlock effort slots.

You should be able to continue playing by loading a previous save. If you run into issues, it is recommended to start a new game.


DraftingTales-v0.18.0.zip 154 MB
Sep 01, 2019
DraftingTales-v0.18.0.tar.xz 151 MB
Sep 01, 2019

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