Early Access Update (v0.36.0)


  • [Community suggestion] There are now question prompts during the networking event that determine the number of publishers you meet.
  • Networking events are now only available every 4 weeks.
  • Book design dialog: New font/color options.
  • New help popups: query agents/publicists, story outline, website, book design.
  • Polishing: publish/store/write/website/work status dialogs, home backgrounds, bestseller event.
  • Improved the way the final score is calculated.
  • Existing saves are now backed up before being overwritten.


DraftingTales-v0.36.0.zip 164 MB
Nov 24, 2020
DraftingTales-v0.36.0.tar.gz 164 MB
Nov 24, 2020
DraftingTales-v0.36.0.dmg 171 MB
Nov 24, 2020

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