Early Access Update (v0.14.0)


  • You can now self-publish your books. You don't need an agent to self-publish and you get to keep all the profits, but you have to spend money on marketing and book printing. Self-publishing is unlocked by a book sometime after year 12.
  • The book design dialog has been moved to the self-publishing flow. When publishing your books traditionally, you will receive a random book design.
  • [Community suggestion] You can now query agents in the Character dialog. Hiring an agent costs 50XP. Better agents become available as the quality of your published works improves.
  • Apartment: Your initial monthly expenses have been reduced to $600, but your rent will increase every year until you buy your own house.
  • House: The fans limit has been increased to 500K.
  • There's a new button on the book sales chart to withdraw your book from circulation early (in case it's not well received).
  • New EP book: Plot
  • Gameplay rebalancing: Your income will increase more gradually as the game progresses.
  • Fixed an issue where old publisher offers would accumulate in the Mail dialog causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed several issues with autosave.

You should be able to continue playing by loading a previous save. If you run into issues, it is recommended to start a new game.


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Jul 04, 2019
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Jul 04, 2019

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