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Drafting Tales

Become a well-known and successful author in this 2D isometric simulation game! · By Istotex


Recent updates

Update v1.3.0
Changes New Improved touchscreen support. There is now an internal on-screen keyboard which can be optionally enabled. Your character's thoughts and emotions wi...
3 files
Update v1.2.0
Changes: Publish dialog: Removed the (left/right) arrows. Self-publish options (website/printer) are now listed above traditional publishers. Updated the end ga...
3 files
Update v1.1.0
Changes: [Community suggestion] There's now the option to scale the UI...
3 files
Drafting Tales v1.0.0 - Full Release
Changes: Reduced the size of the game considerably. Added more magazine publishers. The game should now have less scaling artifacts at resolutions higher than...
3 files
Early Access Update (v0.36.0)
Changes: [Community suggestion] There are now question prompts during the networking event that determine the number of publishers you meet. Networking events a...
3 files
Early Access Update (v0.35.0)
Changes: Fixed Market Report bar colours when genre/topic demand is maximum Increased the area available to sales charts Replying to fan mail no longer stops th...
3 files
Early Access Update (v0.34.0)
Changes: The first time your balance turns negative you'll get the option to accept a job offer that will save you from bankruptcy. Increased inspiration bonuse...
3 files
Early Access Update (v0.33.0)
Changes: Gameplay rebalancing. [Community suggestion] Multiple save slots (one slot per game). Polishing: Tutorial dialogs, SFX and music tracks, topic icons...
3 files
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